The Trouble With Bernie

The Haunted House- 5

It's about time for Bernie to enter the story. The big boys found something scary and figured out a way to get Bernie back to the old house to confirm that what they saw was 'what they saw.'

... Before Bernie could decide whether he should take the advise of his best friend, or go inside the haunted house, he too was on the porch. Alex, because he was too scared not to, trailed along behind. As soon as he stepped inside, he grabbed ahold of the back of Bernie’s tee shirt, twisted it into a knot and hung on for all he was worth. It was pretty dark inside; the boys could barely see to find their way around. To make it even creepier, with every step they took, the floorboards creaked and squeaked and groaned.

Up the stairs they crept, Joey in the lead, followed by Bernie, who was glad that Alex was so close behind him.

“Do we have to do this you guys?” Alex said. “Can’t we just go home?”

Bernie, Alex and Joey did find the scary thing and came up with a great plan to surprise the big boys. You'll really enjoy what happens.

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