The Trouble With Bernie

The Haunted House- 3

Eventually, all five of the boys were again bunched up on the trail. No one was in a very good mood, except for Clark, who was whistling the Marine Corps Hymn, and saluting each boy as he came into view. Larry Rusatalio was particularly unhappy because, as it turned out, the Patterson twins had forgotten they were supposed to bring treats. Now there was zero, not one single thing, to eat.

This prompted Larry to throw a big clod of dirt at the nearest maple tree, turn to the Pattersons and say, “Well, whose fault is it anyway? Which one of you guys forgot the food?”

Richard pointed at Robert, Robert pointed at Richard, and at that exact moment Clark Olsen gave a mighty whack with his willow stick, parted the brush, and there, nearly camouflaged by all the bushes and trees, was an old house.

It was so surprising that even Clark Olsen, who always had a smart aleck comment for every situation, was too stunned to speak. When he recovered, he told the others, “Wait here, men.”

Thus, Clark got to be first on the crumbly old porch, where he peaked through the broken window panes. This was too good to be true! He turned and hollered to everyone else, “Wait’ll you guys see this!”

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Katie's drawing of the old house
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