The Trouble With Bernie

It's a Dog's Life - 5

Dreamer continues to bother Weezer. The neighborhood dogs think they've got a squirrel and, then, Bernie gets home.

... “Keep that dog out of the living room, Bernie!” hollered Mrs. Jones. “In fact, I’d like you to give him a bath. He’s covered with mud and he stinks to high heaven!”

Bernie, who loved his dog in every possible way, except for occasionally having to give him a bath, filled the big galvanized tub in the laundry room with warm water and dog shampoo. He would much rather be outside playing but, as his mother had reminded him on many occasions, this was part of having a dog.

Weezer observed his young human and suddenly understood the boy’s actions. This exact thing had happened many times before. Soon he would be in water ... too much water! Sure enough, a moment later Bernie was calling him, in that tone of voice that meant something bad was about to happen. Weezer plopped his rear end down and stubbornly refused to move. Bernie sighed, for he understood Weezer’s reluctance to bathe, and walked slowly toward his beloved dog. Weezer put his head down and, with all his might, concentrated his weight into his lower unit, requiring Bernie to pull him by his collar to the tub. Once he was in the water, with Bernie scrubbing him and calling him a good dog, good dog, good dog, it wasn’t really so bad. It was actually kind of fun. For a while.

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