The Trouble With Bernie

It's a Dog's Life -2
... Dogs, of course, do not speak the language of cats, which is mostly through purrs, meows, and uncountable eye, ear and tail signals. Nor do cats speak the language of dogs, which is mostly with barks and growls and a variety of tail wags. But dogs and cats do communicate quite well, with their eyes, when they look straight at and send a message to each other, or allow one in.

While Dreamer had the dog’s attention, she thought she might as well add a comment or two. “And,” she continued gazing into his eyes, “if those nitwit friends of yours think they’ll ever catch that squirrel, they’re crazy. Squirrels are faster and smarter than dogs. Have any of those dumb mutts ever caught a single squirrel?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no,” Weezer told her with a snort, then he glanced away from her, to let her know the subject was closed.

In no mood to be ignored, Dreamer sprang from the couch and was suddenly in front of him, peering into his eyes.

“For your information, Buster, not a single dog in this neighborhood has ever even gotten close to catching a squirrel. I should know. I keep track of these things. I am the best hunter on the block. All the pets know that.” Then she yawned, showing halfway down her throat, which is one of the many ways that a cat is capable of demonstrating scorn for a dog.

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Katie's drawing of Dreamer
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