The Trouble With Bernie

The Penny Hike - 3

With all his heart, Bernie wished he was at the Super Scoop right now, biting into a chocolate fudge cone. He opened his mouth to tell his friend, but at that exact moment Alex said, “Just think Bern, if our moms let us, and we didn’t have to go to school, we could go on a penny hike for weeks at a time and maybe end up in a whole different town.” Then he stopped dead in his tracks, grabbed Bernie by his shirt sleeve and, with eyes magnified to twice their size by his Coke-bottle eyeglasses said, “We could get in the Guinness Book of World Records!”

Bernie’s shoulders positively slumped at the idea of a world-record penny hike. That’s when Alex said, “Hey! What are we doing! It’s Saturday! We should be downtown.”

“That’s kind of what I was thinking,” said Bernie.

“We could be at the Big Scoop right now,” said Alex, who had a sudden, intense desire for an ice cream cone.

Bernie’s smile filled up his face. “All right!”

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