The Trouble With Bernie

Crisis on Peabody Creek - 4
As the story continues, the boys are seperated from each other. And once again, Bernie finds himself in some trouble ... big trouble.

... He wasn’t worried at first, because he figured he was pretty close to town, but then the creek just kept going and going and going, twisting and turning, turning and twisting. He wished now they hadn’t eaten all the food because it might be a while before he could get back. Those guys would be hungry. By then it might even be dark, so they’d be cold too.

On his trek, alone, with his mind flitting from one thing to another, it suddenly dawned on Bernie that Alex was afraid that a wild animal might come down from the mountains and attack him. Bernie didn’t even have to think about it; he knew it for an absolute fact. It was silly, of course, but Bernie knew all about silly fears. He had one himself, that he didn’t want anyone to know about ... he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. Especially his own.

Bernie had left the creek - there were too many branches to climb over - and was trying to follow the trail through the woods, when he noticed that the sun had vanished behind a lot of dark clouds, and it was starting to get windy. Oh great! Just what he didn’t need.

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