The Trouble With Bernie

Crisis on Peabody Creek -2

And just then, there was Joey Wondermore, rounding the corner, swinging his lunch bag.

Joey was a slender, tall boy with sandy brown hair and an inquisitive mind. A bookworm by nature, he was more of an indoor person than an outdoor person. Having spent a bit of time with Bernie and Alex, however, had taught him that there was much more to appreciate in nature than he had so far realized. Snakes, for instance: what interesting creatures they were.

The boys cut through the brush that lead down into Peabody Gulch and were soon out of sight of their houses. At the bottom of the trail was a little beach where they’d always been allowed to wade, but the upper and lower stretches of Peabody Creek had been off limits before.

They took off their shoes, rolled up the bottoms of their pant legs and prepared to take their first steps into the creek. Brrr! Cold! As they walked along, Joey took the lead and Bernie brought up the rear. This left Alex in the middle, where he felt most safe, and as they ventured into new territory, he started staring hard at every tree trunk and clump of bushes, to make sure there were no animals lurking. Soon the creek bed would be too hard to follow, and they’d have to veer up into the woods. Alex had read that if you were in the woods and there were wild animals around, it was smart to make a lot of noise.

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Katie's drawing of the boys hiking
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