The Trouble With Bernie

Grandpa's Advice - 4

Grandpa listens to the boy's concerns and decides to show them something special.

... There was a trail that lead from the waterfront back toward town. It was one that the big boys sometimes talked about, but Bernie and Alex had never used before. “This path has been here a long time,” said Grandpa. “Back when I was a boy, we always used this trail. Not too many people do nowadays, though. As you can see, the grass is tall, which makes it hard to walk. Plus there’s another reason most people don’t like this trail.”

“What’s that, Grandpa?”

Before Grandpa could answer, Bernie looked down, and there at his feet, he saw for himself: snakes, just like in his own back yard. There were more snakes than any boy could ever hope to catch.

“On your mark, get set, go!” said Grandpa. “Last guy to catch one is a rotten egg!” For the next hour the three of them caught one snake after another, compared each one, showed them off with pride, then turned them loose in the tall grass.

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Katie's drawing of grandpa and the boys