The Trouble With Bernie

Grandpa's Advice - 3

Bernie and Alex decided that it would be best to get advice from Bernie's grandpa.

... “Hmmm,” said Grandpa. “This is a serious subject.” He stood up and went to stare out his window, which is what he always did when he needed a few minutes to think. When he turned to face the boys, he asked them, “How much time do you boys figure you’ve got?”

Bernie and Alex stared at each other with blank expressions until finally Bernie said, “Well, we’re both ten years old, so we’ve got maybe three, four, five years. Not a lot of time.”

“Yeah,” said Alex. “By the time we’re thirteen we’ll probably start taking showers every day and wearing clean clothes all the time. We might even have girlfriends!”

“No way!” said Bernie. “I’m never having a girlfriend. Or taking a shower every day!”

“Well, me neither,” said Alex. “But you never know. We could change our minds. That’s exactly what happened to my brother Kevin. He used to be just a regular kid. Now he takes a shower and wears good clothes every day.”

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Katie's drawing of Grandpa
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