The Trouble With Bernie

Saturday at the Movies- 3

... Bernie was just about ready to open the door to the theater when he heard a familiar voice. Proud to be acknowledged in public by a fellow Blazing Bandit, Bernie took his hand off the door and waited for Clark.

”Here, Bern,” said Clark. “I, uh, I ... bought you a root beer.”

" Oh, thanks,” said Bernie. “But I get all the soda pop I want on account of that I work here.”

Clark’s smile turned to a sneer. “Duh! I know where you work, Bernie. That’s why I’m here. I came to ask you a favor.”

“Sure, I’ll do you a favor,” said Bernie. “What’dya need?” Bernie had an amazing ability to talk and never once stop smiling.

“Well,” said Clark. “It’s like this. I happen to know that Lisa Wondermore is at the movies with Eugene McElravy. And what I want from you (he thumped Bernie on the chest with his index finger when he said the word ‘you’) is to watch and see what they do. Watch where they sit. Try to listen to what they talk about. You know. You know what I mean.”

“Sure,” said Bernie. “I understand. I’ll watch ‘em for you.”

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Katie's drawing of outside the theater
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