The Trouble With Bernie

Beehive - 5

I laughed out loud when I read what happened to Bernie, Mrs. Broadbottom, and the beehive.

... In hindsight, Bernie was never able to say exactly what it was he was thinking during the walk down the hall from the classroom to the exit. He was mostly just listening to the sound of Mrs. Broadbottom breathing and the soft, buzzing noise of the bees. So far not a single person had been stung, and even though Bernie knew he would soon be in trouble, he was thrilled to see so many bees up close. It was unfortunate, however, that ...

And, unfortunately, you're going to have to get a copy of the book from your bookstore or your librarian to find out what happened.

Sharon Bushell reads this story in her Bernie Jones School Program. If you'd like to have her visit your school, have your teacher or librarian select the link below.

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