The Trouble With Bernie

The Beehive - 4

So Bernie and the other students took a surprise spelling test before it was time for show and tell.

Here's a little bit of what happened next.

...When the test was over and all the papers had been passed to the front, Mrs. Broadbottom announced, “Today, for show and tell, we have (she glanced at the note on her desk) Janeen Welshmeier and Bernie Jones. Janeen, would you like to go first?”

Can you guess what Janeen brought for show and tell?

After Janeen, it was Bernie's turn.

...He walked up and down the aisles to show the hive up close to each kid and answer everyone’s questions. “There are a whole lot of bees in the world,” Bernie explained. “To be exact, there are ten thousand different species of bees.”

“Wow!” Alex exclaimed. He had no idea Bernie had such a great show and tell. Yesterday he had been all worried about it, so worried that he had declined a grasshopper hunt in Snake City, but this was really good!

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Was Bernie's Beehive a Success?