The Trouble With Bernie

The Initiation - 4

It looks as though Bernie and Alex have a chance at finally becoming members of the big boys club. Or does it?

Here's a little bit of what happens later on in the chapter.

.........Alex, like Bernie, was speechless at first, but not because he was happy. He scrunched up the entire left side of his face to get his eyeglasses to slide back into place. Alex had concerns. He had questions. “What about the initiation?” he asked. “You know how mean those guys can be. What if they make us walk the Patterson’s picket fence blindfolded? What if they dress us up like girls and make us go to the Five and Dime?”

Over the years many legends had sprung up about the initiation rites of the big boys clubs. Supposedly one time a kid was forced on a midnight march, to swim naked in the freezing water of Peabody Creek. Rumor had it, another kid had to spend a night all alone in the cemetery near a freshly dug grave.

The big boys were hard to pin down about the specifics of these events. When asked to name the names of these unsuccessful initiates, they grew silent and serious, and kept to the Blazing Bandit pledge of secrecy.

“I don’t know, Bern,” Alex said, “It seems to me like ... something’s fishy about this deal.”

Ever the optimist, Bernie’s response was, “Don’t worry, Alex. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

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Katie's drawing of Bernie and Alex thinking of the initiation
Will everything be fine?